Coffee to Lose Weight Fast? Why a Portable Coffee Maker is a Must!

Coffee to Lose Weight FastCoffee to lose weight fast. Are you tired of a daily routine that is not working in reducing your weight? You don’t want to imagine the lift failing as you have already had enough of the stairs. Eating healthy has become your third names making you boring among friends.

Hold on right there, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.  Did you know that coffee can do you wonders? Coffee is a dietary aid that not only helps in a significant weight loss but it may also prevent you from gaining that excess weight. However, coffee works if it is sensibly combined with an exercise schedule and a healthy diet.

How Does the Coffee Work?

Coffee contains caffeine. Many researchers have found a definitive connection between weight loss and caffeine.

It works in this two main ways:

Appetite suppression: caffeine has the ability to reduce the appetite briefly.

Alternatively consuming coffee on an empty stomach gives a fullness feeling although this should not be done often to avoid gastric ulcers.

Boosts metabolism: caffeine is free of calories this thereby increases the rate at which the body does it functions.

This, in turn, stimulates the body to utilize the available calories as fuel.

Burn out of calories is the beginning of the weight loss journey for users.

Alternatively, caffeine acts as a thermogenesis for the body generating heat for the body and energy necessary to break down or digest foods in the stomach.

How to Use Coffee to Lose Weight Fast

Just like another substance or means people use to shed off that extra weight.

Recent studies have found people can use coffee to lose weight fast.

As it contains caffeine which boosts metabolism in the human body towards different activities including burning fats.

How do you use coffee to lose weight fast you might wonder?

Drink coffee in substantial amounts

You might be tempted to overdo coffee so that you see instant reasons or for simple reasons as it is easily available.

In normal human beings, nutritionists suggest that you should not consume more than 400 milligrams on a daily basis lest you suffer insomnia and increased stress levels.

400 milligrams of caffeine is equivalent to 4 cups of coffee.

It is recommended that one or 2 cups of caffeinated coffee is enabled weight loss.

A few controlled intakes coffee goes a long way to losing weight.

Schedule your coffee times

There has to be a balance in your efforts if you want to achieve positive results.

That’s a mantra in life. To make the most of coffee as a weight loss mechanism, consider spacing out the intervals of your coffee intake throughout the day.

What this does it that it allows you take up exercises that supplement weight loss. Additionally, it also helps in mitigating food cravings.

For example for a start, if you purpose to consume two cups of coffees you could take a cup early in the morning and the other at the end of the day.

Although this is a suggestion, it is limited to your preference.

In the case that daytime coffee is effective for you, then adjust your schedule to what works best for you.

Check-out half-caff

Half-caff is a blended mixture of decaffeinated beans and the regular coffee.

It acts as an alternative flavor away from the usual coffee.

Half-caff allows a user to drink as much coffee as they can during the day which helps in effective weight loss.

Before trying out half-caff:

  1. Ensure that the product labels indicate clearly that it is half-caff coffee.
  2. Get recommendations from your doctor on the maximum number you can take within a day without harm.
  3. In the case, you are making half-caff at home make sure that mixture is made of 50-50 combination for maximum results. Alternatively, one can mix half coffee with a hot water in equivalent amounts.
  4. Supposing you use the Keurig, ensure that you leave the K-cup inside. Brew it using the same K-cup.

Why you Must have a Coffee Maker

Do you think a coffee maker is a prerequisite for using coffee towards your weight loss journey?

It may look like some quite some work to fix your own coffee at home especially after a long day at work.

This, however, is not the case it is as easy as ABC because it involves putting the coffee beans in the maker and wait for the grinding as you check out any breaking news.

The following are the benefits of owning one as you fight your weight:

Cheaper: having to brew your coffee at home is cheaper than grabbing a mug of coffee from your favorite place for some extra bucks.

Safer: remember our main reason why you must have a coffee maker at home is so that you can make your own clean coffee such as half-caff free of additives like industrial sugars present in the ones sold off the counter.

Alternative flavor: it is undeniable that coffee brewed from a coffee maker is full of flavor, distinct aroma and bulkier in nature, unlike instant coffee.

Brewed coffee is also fresh as it is made from fresh coffee beans. It prevents getting bored of taking the same coffee over and over thereby making the process appealing and interesting.

Brewed coffee is healthier: apart from easing the process of making coffee, coffee brewed from a coffee maker instantly releases healthy oils.

These healthy oils are made of antioxidants and other nutrients. Antioxidants protect the body against chronic diseases, memory problems, and in other cases mood disorders.

Moderate your Coffee Intake

As much as we would recommend that coffee works great’s wonders, it should be consumed in moderation to avoid adverse reactions to the user. What are the repercussions of over consuming you may ask?

  • It may cause insomnia and restlessness if taken uncontrollably.
  • High intakes of caffeine, may trigger loss of magnesium and calcium from the body.
  • Caffeine in the coffee is also negatively associated to collide with prescriptions for treating hypertension and blood sugar levels. Involve your physician before you start using coffee to lose weight.
  • If used with other stimulants such as mate, it can cause the synergistic effect which in turn could trigger an upsurge of blood pressure to destructive levels such as death.
  • Caffeine cannot be used on a breastfeeding mom trying to lose weight, as it is said to be harmful to the health and well-being of the baby.


Note better that the key to losing that unwanted weight using coffee is about striking a balance. Ensure that you do not take it in excess, to prevent adverse repercussions as mentioned. Additionally, a coffee maker is a must-have item in your kitchen to ease your weight loss journey.

In line with that, consider professional advice before you embark using a coffee beat that weights to avoid alteration on your health. Do not just consume it make sure to note any changes, as soon as you attain your goal cut down your consumption rate.

In conjunction with coffee taking, create time for exercises and other alternative ways of losing weight to get maximum results. All the best in your endeavors.

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