Oomph Portable Travel Coffee Maker Review: Fast Brew Coffee Maker

portable travel coffee maker1Almost everyone loves to have coffee. If you’re a coffee geek, there is a lot to take away from this review article, and you’ll be glad you read it! Not all who love their coffee freshly served in a hot cup truly believe in small portable coffee makers, as they often think of it as being unreliable. A small company called Oomph is all set to change that with their newly launched portable travel coffee maker, which they want to assure us, is the most advanced coffee maker in the world.

But what really makes it popular is its unique feature of portability; be it at your home or on the way to work, you can have freshly brewed coffee without any hassles in minutes making it convenient.

The product is quite unique in nature as you also get a cup along with it to enjoy your hot cup of coffee wherever you are, be it on a bus, train or a cab.

As the tagline of this product goes, Oomph is just the perfect coffee companion which is designed specifically for coffee lovers by coffee geeks.

How does the Oomph Portable Travel Coffee Maker Work?

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The Oomph Portable Coffee Maker resembles the aeropress coffee maker, only that this one has much more portability options and ease of use. All you have to do is just pour water into the inner chamber, then attach the outer shell and then plunge it down for brewing it under pressure.

Finally, you have to just push it through the smart flow turbine. Now, you can just add milk, sugar and some other ingredients as you wish to create the specific taste of your coffee. You can either drink it with a mug or you can also drink it directly from the Oomph.

The Major Components of Oomph Coffee Maker

best coffee maker for rvThere are three major components that make up the Oomph portable coffee maker

  1. Inner Chamber
  2. Outer Chamber
  3. Outer Sleeve (Includes the lid)

There are no moving parts to avoid complications and everything is manufactured from BPA-free materials. There are a turbine and filter which is attached to the bottom of the inner chamber which needs to be removed for thorough cleaning.

If the cleaning is done periodically, the filter will last for more than 1000 brews, which makes it a worthy investment. If you love drinking cold coffee, then you will be quite happy to know that you can use cold water in the Oomph and follow the same process for getting that perfect drink.

You don’t need to be stuck with a bland looking travel coffee maker, as you can get the Oomph in the color of your choice. There are a variety of colors available which include: Royal Red, Pro Transparent, and Midnight Black.

The beneficial features of Oomph Portable Coffee Maker

best coffee maker for single personThe Oomph Portable Travel Coffee Maker is able to hold 13 fl. Oz which is around 384ml of coffee. This is quite a good amount of coffee which can offer you 3-4 rounds easily.

For this amount, it is suggested that you use 25g of freshly ground coffee. It comes with an internal line measurement which will indicate the perfect amount of coffee and this is why you will not need any measuring scale or spoon.

Choose between any of the following three:

  1. Half brew with 12.5g
  2. Full brew with 25g
  3. Max fill with 30g
  • Have pressure brewed coffee served fresh and hot in under a minute
  • Clean the old coffee grind in just 15 seconds because the combination of both the plunger and turbine is very easy to clean
  • Once the coffee is brewed, it stays warm for a long period of time because of the air barrier which insulates the whole thing
  • If you want to add milk and sugar, just unscrew the lid to add milk and sugar accordingly.

The taste of the coffee prepared

  • The coffee which is prepared by this small portable coffee maker has a much thicker consistency.
  • The taste of this coffee is sweeter and it is not bitter at all because of the low “over-extraction”
  • The taste of this coffee is very much consistent even when you are sipping on the last cup due to active stirring.
Unique Design Features of the Oomph Coffee Maker

Portable Travel Coffee Maker1The design is one of the most important aspects which makes Oomph the best small coffee maker. Stylish, convenient and effective, the Oomph will bring a smile on your face every time you use it to make instant coffee.

A few notable design features:

  • The lid of this coffee maker is ergonomically designed so that you can press on it easily
  • You can add milk or sugar through the twist-off lid
  • With its excellent transparent design, you will just love to watch it brew
  • There is an insulation barrier throughout the entire exterior of the device.
  • The device was tested several times by different experts

The funding of Oomph coffee maker

Just like every project needs support from people and fundraisers, similarly, the Oomph was crowdfunded on the Kickstarter platform with Deasy.

The project needed a total of £26,000 and received £40,000 more for the large-scale production.

The production was started in April 2016 and it can be said beyond doubt that the product is a massive hit.

Why Should you opt for the Oomph Portable Travel Coffee Maker?

Here are the following reasons why you should choose the Oomph coffee maker.

It is really easy to grind and is able to handle a wide range of grinds; which this is why it is not a big deal if you want to use pre-ground coffee.

A lot of other Portable Travel coffee makers will have an issue with this but not Oomph.

This one is very light in weight making it really easy to carry the coffee maker along with you.

The material used to make this portable travel coffee maker is Tritan which is a very good food grade BPA-free heavy grade plastic.

Lastly, at an asking price of just £39.00 ($52.17), you will be really happy with the amount of coffee it is able to make.

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