Portable Coffee Maker for Camping – Things to Consider Before Buying

portable coffee maker for campingIs it hard for you to survive without a cup of coffee while you are camping far away from your home? Are you looking for a reliable portable coffee maker for camping? If yes, then camping coffee makers are just what you are looking for. The advantage of these portable coffee makers is that you can carry them wherever you want to and whip up a nice cup of coffee that you would usually have at home.

Here are certain things that you must consider before investing in a portable coffee maker for camping.

Consider the Features

Before making a purchase, you must be sure about the features that you are looking for in a portable coffee maker for camping. It is best to question yourself about what you are seeking from the machine. Are you looking for a coffee maker offering the best flavour or are you looking for something that weighs the lightest?

It would not be difficult for you to find such coffee makers as there are numerous machines in the offing from various brands. All you need to do is spend some time to compare the features, and you would be able to find the best camping coffee maker that matches your camping criteria.

Different Kinds of Portable Coffee Maker for Camping

While looking for the best camping coffee maker for your camping needs, you would realise that there are numerous options presented to you. Here are few commonly found coffee makers to consider:

i. Gas grill coffee maker
These coffee makers usually use a fuel such as propane or butane. These consist of pots that resemble the ones at your kitchen counter. These coffee makers are expensive and bulkier when compared to other camp coffee maker units. However, these quickly make a standard brew and are ideal to carry when you are travelling in your vehicle on road trips.

ii. Pour-over style drip
This is a simple yet refined way of making a refreshing cup of morning coffee while you are camping. This camping coffee maker brews a satisfying cup of coffee in no time at all it needs is a filter and a cone.

iii. Percolators
This coffee maker employs a pot for brewing coffee. In this kind of coffee percolator, water passes through the coffee grounds, and the extracts offer the taste, aroma, and color of the coffee. These are very simple to use. Percolators force boiling water under pressure through the grounds in a specific chamber.

The boiling brew is cycled continuously through the grounds until the desired strength is reached. Percolators are immensely popular amongst fishermen, sportsmen, and campers.

If you are out for boating, swimming, fishing, camping, hiking, tailgating or on any other outdoor adventure, then you can make use of a percolator to indulge in a hot cup of coffee. You can sip a cup of coffee admiring the picturesque beauty all around you seated by a river or on top of a hill overlooking a beautiful sunset.

iv. French Press
French presses are very easy to use. The users can brew a cup of coffee with the addition of grounds to the container along with water and let it steep. A screen can be pushed down when you are ready to drink to filter the brewed liquid. French presses offer a murkier flavour. These are very easy to use and are inexpensive. You can purchase a small model for your camping trip.

v. The Aero press
This is a modified version of the French Press but is small in size and can brew an exceptional cup of coffee. This coffee maker leaves a film of coffee grounds rather than pressed coffee at the bottom of the cup. This makes an incredible coffee maker for use while camping because it is not messier to clean and brews a cup of coffee in no time.

There are a plethora of options available when it comes to finding the best camp coffee maker. You just need to make sure to explore your options before deciding the best one for your camping needs.


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